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Goji Berries As A Superfood

Nutrition and exercise are important parts of a healthy lifestyle. Many people get busy and prefer the convenience of pre-packaged or fast food. There are many ways to maintain a healthy diet and feel better, even when time does not seem to allow it.

Goji berries are a delicious and nutritious snack that can be enjoyed while on the go, or they can be added to other healthy foods.

What Is Goji Berry?

Also known as the wolfberry, the goji berry originated in China. This reddish-orange berry grows on shrubs, and in hopes of a longer life span, people have enjoyed these berries as a raw snack for many years. People have been known to use goji berries to treat certain health problems and weight loss.

Are Goji Berries Healthy and How Do You Eat Them?

All berries are healthy, some may be more than others, but goji berries are very healthy. These berries are full of nutrients, antioxidants, beta-carotene and fiber, plus they are fat-free. They can be washed and dried and then eaten as a raw snack, or added to yogurt, trail mix, cereal or a salad. Some people enjoy them in a smoothie, or add them to juice and tea. People also use them to cook or bake with.

What Taste and Form Do Goji Berries Have?

The goji berries are sweet and tangy with a bit of an added taste of herb. They are small in size, and they have the texture and form of a raisin when dried. The tiny seeds inside are edible and high in fiber.

Are There Any Benefits of Goji Berries in a Diet?

Although these facts have not been clinically proven, some people believe that goji berries have helped to increase athletic stamina and that they assist with the loss of weight and better sleep habits. It has also been thought that the berries would aid in the remedy of high blood pressure and diabetes. People have also used the berries to cure fever, vision problems and to build the immune system. Others have felt more calm, claiming to have a better feeling overall when they added goji berries to their diet.

Are There Any Side Effects When Eating Goji Berries?

The best advice would be to consult with your physician before starting a goji berry regiment. It is a possibility that goji berries will interfere with some medications. Sometimes, it can be risky for a person to take dietary supplements while being treated for certain health problems.

Where Can Goji Berries Be Found?

Some natural food stores, bulk food stores and drugstores sell the whole berries, supplements and juice. Goji berries and supplements may also be found on the internet.

Superfoods: What They Are and What You Should Know

Superfoods are foods considered to have health benefits. These superfoods make up the diets of health- conscious individuals however, the term superfoods are not commonly used by dieticians. This paper identifies some of these super foods and outlines their various health benefits.

Vegetables that are dark green have been for the longest time considered as super foods. Spinach, broccoli, kale, Swiss chards and collard greens are some of the dark green vegetables recognized as superfoods. These vegetables contain vitamin C and K, iron and calcium minerals and carotenoid. The presence of this substances in dark green vegetables make them great antioxidants. Also, carotenoid present in this vegetables helps prevent some types of cancer e.g. pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer.

Also, berries are other forms of superfoods. The various types of berries include blueberries, strawberries, Goji berries and black berries. These berries contain vitamin C; that is important in boosting the immune system. Also, berries contain folate that is crucial in the DNA formation thus may prevent some defects in offspring. Another important composition of berries is fiber. Fiber is important in aiding the efficient functioning of the digestive system and, therefore, prevent constipation. The iron component of berries contributes to the formation of red blood cells while the potassium mineral present in berries enhances proper functioning of the heart. Berries consist of antioxidants that protect cells against damages and hence prevent cancer.

Legumes are also considered to be super foods. Legumes are classified into beans, lentils and peas. Legumes are majorly composed of fiber, proteins and complex carbohydrates. The fiber in legumes helps to clear bowels and also helps to balance blood sugar. Some beans varieties, act as a source of antioxidants. Legumes also contain thiamine, potassium, magnesium, folate and iron that are important for a healthy heart and the building of red blood cells.

Additionally, fatty fish are considered to be super foods. These fatty fish are an excellent source of omega three fatty acids. This kind of fish reduce and prevent heart diseases by lowering triglycerides and reducing the rate in which plaques in the artery grow. Fatty fish are excellent in their role of reducing cholesterol levels.

Health conscious people are always investigating the health benefits and nutritional value of “new” foods; you may find this guide useful in making better selections to include in diets. It is important to note that food labeled as “superfood” may not help in the prevention of all disease.